Thursday, June 9, 2011

AVGÖRANDE 2011: Lidstrom watch

It has now been exactly one week past the point when Nicklas Lidstrom made his decision to return to the Wings a year ago, and I'm getting worried.

Today's news came from an interview with Lidstrom on the Jim Rome Show, and while not a death knell it isn't exactly reassuring either.

The Free Press and Detroit News both have reports up, and essentially they just reiterate what we already know; there aren't any physical issues that would cause Nick to consider retirement, only issues of motivation.

Lidstrom said during the interview with Rome that his decision has mostly to do with getting motivated to train for a long season, and the fact that training to perform at an elite level gets more difficult with age.

A very small slice of comfort can be found here and here- old articles I dug up that discuss Lidstrom's flirtation with returning to Sweden in the 1999 offseason. Though it sorta feels like we're living on 12 years of borrowed time, what's one more year when you're still a Norris-caliber defenseman...right?

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