Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Damien Brunner, Red vs. White, and Shameless Self-Promotion

Tonight's Red vs. White game provided a much-needed dose of hockey-like activities to a famished Hockeytown. Other sites have gone into depth about what happened, and though I'd love to screen cap all of the goals and do a GBGA I can't because, quite frankly, my Masters program and other hockey writing obligations are killing me at the moment. Instead, I'll direct your attention to some things I think are worth taking a look at.

Excellent Options for Filling Your Free Time

First, in the "OMG PANIC oh wait the headline is scarier than the story" category we have this article from the  Detroit News' Ted Kulfan about Pavel Datsyuk's desire to play in Russia.

George has everything you could ever want about both the announcement of Zetterberg as captain (congrats,  Z) and the scrimmage over at his blog. Go there now because he is awesome and whatnot.

The Detroit News has a great photo gallery that recaps the Zetterberg press conference and scrimmage.

The Part of the Post Where I Shamelessly (Shamefully?) Self Promote

Damien Brunner looked great in tonight's game, further cementing the feeling that I had when he signed that Detroit had found yet another diamond in the rough. Technically I guess he was more of a free agent in Europe, but you get the idea. In all seriousness he looks like the perfect complement to Dats and Z. I can't wait to see the Euro Triplets rolled out in game action.

I wrote a post about Brunner when he signed that's turned out to be one of my most popular and now seems like as good a time as any to link to it again. Check it out here.

My most recent piece for Hockey's Future is a mid-season update on all prospects in the AHL and ECHL. You can give it a read here, and I very much appreciate if you do. My article for this month will be about how prospects from the 2008 draft have fared, and the article for February will be an updated Top 20 prospects list.

I had an idea for a megapost about how points and ice time correlate between the AHL and NHL, but the AHL doesn't keep ice time stats. Boooooo AHL stats. Anyways, I'll be writing/doing my beloved GBGAs as frequently as time allows. Thanks for sticking with me.

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