Friday, January 22, 2010

Links of note

I've been waiting for the Wings to win to put up another post. That's actually a lie and I'm basically just lazy, but it sounds like a good reason not to post anything. Here are some links worth checking out:

An article about Leino being in and out of the lineup. Not too long, but sheds a little light on the subject. I found another one here from the Detroit News. Guess everyone in town decided to write about Ville today.

Babcock makes it pretty clear how he feels about the Helm line.

An article about how Pavel's point production is likely going to rise soon. I posted it not just because I agree with the article, but because there are few things in this world better than a Pavel Datsyuk quote. Even if it is just one line.

A2Y has a very interesting post about the goaltending controversy. At this point, the term "goaltending controversy" only applies to the fanbase, because it's pretty clear that there's no controversy as far as Babs is concerned.

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