Friday, January 1, 2010

Wings v. Oilers in review 12/3/09

Edmonton goal (1-0) 5:50 in 1st period; Visnovsky unassissted:
Well, Brett Lebda basically scored on his own goaltender. That'll just be fuel on the fire for the Lebda haters on the message boards. Puck bounces up, off Lebda's stick, takes some weird hops on the ice and bounces under Howard's legs. Goal.

Edmonton goal (2-0) 17:09 in 1st period; Nilsson from Stone & Stortini:
Nilsson just makes a nice move, first putting the puck in front of Howard and then pulling it back toward himself and tucking it in past Howard's outstretched leg.

Detroit goal (2-1) 19:59 in 1st period; Cleary from Bertuzzi & Lidstrom:
Lidstrom makes a perfect pass from the defensive zone up to Bertuzzi in the offensive zone. Now on a 2-on-1, Bertuzzi waits and passes to Cleary at just the right time. Cleary one times it home for the lone Wings goal of the night.

Edmonton goal (3-1) 8:50 in 2nd period; O'Sullivan from Jacques:
The second soft goal Howard gives up on the night. The puck gets deflected on a pass through the center of the zone, and it actualy hits Howard's pads and trickles under.

Edmonton goal (4-1) 11:47 in 2nd period; O'Sullivan from Souray:
Howard comes way up in the crease and gets swallowed up by the scrum in front of the net. This leaves essentially the entire crease open and the Oilers put it through a defenders' legs to score.

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