Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wings v. Stars in review 11/30/09

Detroit goal (1-0) 13:48 1st period; Miller from Lebda & Draper:
This goal is a result of Drew Miller's tremendous speed. Well, a luck bounce off of a man in front of the net helps, but it's mostly because of speed. Miller forechecks hard and gets the Stars player to turn the puck over. He then banks a shot in by shooting at the Dallas defender.

Dallas goal (1-1) 19:45 in 1st period; Morrow from Robidas & Daley:
In all the video I've been watching, there's one disturbing trend that keeps popping up. A good number of the times Detroit gets scored on close to the net are a result of one man slipping by unchecked by the defense. That's exactly what happens here. A Dallas player moves up from behind the net, gets position in front of the net but behind the defender, and tips the puck when it's shot from the point.

Detroit goal (2-1) 5:35 in 2nd period; Helm from Draper & Bertuzzi:
Draper, who is moving quickly down the right wing boards, sees a wide open Helm across the ice and to the left of the crease. He threads a pass through, and Helm buries it.

Detroit goal (3-1) 12:06 in 2nd period; Cleary from Zetterberg & Holmstrom:
Cleary makes a pretty gutsy pass from below the left faceoff circle up to the right point. Rafalski gets the puck off a bounce from the boards and unleashes a slap shot. Homer tips it to the side of the net and Cleary scraps and scores on the left side.

Detroit goal (4-1) 3:35 in 3rd period; Bertuzzi from Datsyuk:
Bertuzzi picks the top right corner and puts a perfect shot on net. Turco can't stop the shot, though he does make a move towards the puck.

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