Friday, December 4, 2009

Wings v. Predators in review 11/23/09

The Wings outshot the Preds, but the penalty kill was lackluster. The Wings gave up 2 power play goals, and that basically was the difference in this one.

Nashville goal (1-0) 10:24 in 1st period; PPG Arnott from Sullivan & Weber:

Osgood makes a good first save but gives up a rebound, which Arnott smacks into the net.

Nashville goal (2-0) 1:41 in 2nd period; PPG Erat from Ward & Legwand:

This really isn't a terrible defensive break down or anything of that sort. The shooter just picks a corner and beats Osgood far side. Not much you can do about this one.

Detroit goal (2-1) 6:38 in 2nd period; Miller from Cleary & Ericsson:

Drew Miller makes a really nice power move to the goal, cutting in behind everyone through a very narrow alley. It pays off, as he puts this one not just on net but in net.

Nashville goal (3-1) 17:40 in 3rd period; Erat from Tootoo & Hamhuis:

Erat has his back to the net, and has to turn to shoot the puck. He turns remarkably quickly, and I think it catches Ozzie off guard. He beats Osgood over his outstretched left pad.

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