Monday, December 21, 2009

Red Wings @ Blues in review 11/28/09

St. Louis goal (1-0) 13:24 in 1st period; Backes from Perron & Sydor:
Perron puts a shot on net from the middle of the zone, and Backes gets his stick on it. He deflects it into the net, beating Howard five-hole. I have two complaints here; first, Ericsson has position on his guy at first and gives it, and this leads to the goal. Second, how many times have I had to write "Howard gets beat five-hole?" This is obviously a weakness. Now we just have to hope that Jim Bedard recognizes this as well and works with Jimmy in practice on it.

St. Louis goal (2-0) 17:22 in 1st period; Polak from Backes & Kariya:
Howard has not chance of seeing this shot. There are four guys crammed into the crease area, and all are directly in front of Howard. There's a slap shot from the blue line and, as expected, it gets tipped into the net. I guess with that many guys in front the shot could just as easily been stopped by a player instead of deflected off a stick, but the Blues get some puck luck here and the latter occurs. Paul Kariya makes a veteran move and gets his stick high before the shot. It's hard to tell whether his stick was above the crossbar, but it looks like he brought it down right before the puck hit the stick. Credit where credit's due, that was a pretty smart play on Kariya's part.

Detroit goal (2-1) 2:35 in 2nd period; PPG Holmstrom from Zetterberg & Datsyuk:
The Wings are on the power play, which causes the Blues to be in a box formation on defense. All four guys start to shift towards Datsyuk, who's on the left boards. Dats sees that Zetterberg is wide open across the ice and threads a perfect pass to him. Zetterberg passes to Holmstrom in front of the net instead of shooting, because one of the defenders has turned and moved towards Zetterberg in time to cut off any good scoring chance. The pass hits Holmstrom's stick perfectly and Homer puts it away to the side of the net.

Detroit goal (2-2) 2:27 in 3rd period; Draper from Eaves & Helm:
Helm puts the puck on net, and the puck hits the tangled up Wings and Blues players in front of the crease. It falls down, and a flying Draper shovels it into the net.

St. Louis goal (3-2) 8:32 in 3rd period; Boyes from Perron & McDonald:
A pretty crappy goal to give up. St. Louis mucks around in front of scores because of some defensive miscues by the Wings. Lidstrom has to cover two guys in the crease, and he picks the one he must think is most likely to get the rebound. Unfortunately, he guessed wrong because the other guy ends up getting the rebound and chop-chop-chops at the puck until he scores.

Detroit goal (3-3) 19:03 in 3rd period; Zetterberg from Bertuzzi & Holmstrom:
After giving up an effort goal to St. Louis, the Wings get one of their own. There's a bunch of pushing and shoving in front of the net, but the important part is this: Zetterberg backhands a shot in front of the net from the right corner. The puck hits Blues defenseman Barret Jackman in the chest and is redirected into the top right corner of the net. The goaltender is looking for the puck in the bottom left corner (?), so he never even sees it go in.

Overtime: nothin' doin'

Shoot out:
McDonald-StL goal
Datsyuk-Det goal
Boyes-StL x
Zetterberg-Det x
Perron-StL x
Cleary-Det x
Oshie-StL missed net
Bertuzzi-Det goal

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