Monday, December 21, 2009

Wings vs. Flames in review 11/25/09

Calgary goal (1-0) 00:28 in 1st period; Lundmark from Jokinen & Iginla:
Rafalski is shadowing a Calgary player who he picked up on the left side but is moving to the right side, which is the side Rafi is supposed to be on. He runs into Lidstrom in front of the net, which means that neither player is able to properly cover their man. Obviously this creates an opportunity for Calgary. This allows the Calgary player to make a pass through traffic in front of the net, and he's a little lucky it lands on the stick of his teammate, who banks it in to the net.

Calgary goal (2-0) 18:29 in 1st period; Dawes from Moss:
Really bad luck. Realllllly bad luck. That's what leads to this goal, which just as easily could have been cleared from the zone. The puck gets deflected off of Jonathan Ericsson's stick on a cross zone pass. Eaves gets the puck and is going to clear it off into the corner, but there's a Calgary player who literally takes it off his stick and backhands it into the net.

Calgary goal (3-0) 00:25 in 3rd period; Jokinen from Lundmark & Iginla:
Lids makes a heck of a play on the puck as Calgary enters the zone. The puck deflects up into the air, where a Calgary players catches it, puts it down, and passes to a wide open man. He unleashes a nasty wrist shot that beats Ozzie high glove side.

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