Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Regular Season Game 16: I Got The Blues

In all honesty I didn't have time to watch this game. I've read about it, I've screen capped it, but I didn't actually see it. The game isn't easy to summarize; that sucked.

1st Period:

St Louis 0 Detroit 1; 6:07- Miller (2) from Abdelkader (3)
Miller wins the race to a loose puck along the boards in Detroit's offensive zone. He turns on it and sends the puck behind the net.
Justin Abdelkader goes to retrieve the puck from behind the net. He backs that thang up on a St. Louis defender, then turns and skates to his right.
Abdelkader puts a wraparound attempt on net that bounces around before Miller somehow gets a stick on it and taps it in. Kudos to Miller for staying alert and keeping his stick on the ice even though he's getting effing bulldozed in front of the net.

St Louis 1 Detroit 1; 17:19- PPG D'Agostini from Berglund & Shattenkirk
St. Louis is cycling on the powerplay. With the puck at the point there are two options, one of which Darren Helm has cut off by taking away the passing lane. Shattenkirk takes the available shot.
Howard lets a rebound bounce in front of him, and Lidstrom swoops in to try and clear it away. He does clear, but unfortunately it's still in the slot area.
At this point the puck is perfectly placed for the Wings to get scored on. Helm and Stuart don't royally blow their coverages, instead being just far enough away to not have a real chance to make a play. Helm is responsible for the top of the zone and Stuart is responsible for the front of the net and both players have to leave those zones to try and make a play on the puck here. Wrong place, wrong time, bad goal.

2nd Period:

St Louis 2 Detroit 1; 10:16- Steen from Colaiacovo
Franzen picks up the puck along the boards and lazily throws it away. This is a terrible turnover by The Mule and it leads directly to St. Louis' game winning goal.
Steen has plenty of space to shoot and snaps one from the top of the faceoff circle. Stuart is too far away to even get his stick extended, and this one somehow beats Jimmy.

3rd Period:


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