Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Regular Season Game 21: Bear Trap

1st Period:

Boston 0 Detroit 1; 12:43- Filppula (5) from Zetterberg (7) & White (7)
Ian White tries to clear a puck off the boards, and it ends up bouncing through Zetterberg's legs to Filppula. Fil has a huge area of ice to his left to move into, advancing the puck to the neutral zone.
Detroit has a 3-on-2 as they enter the offensive zone. Filppula passes off his forehand to Zetterberg. Z has no one near him; look at how closely bunched Boston's two defenders are in the middle of the ice.
Zetterberg is going to have to place his pass perfectly if he's going to get it past the outstretched defender. Luckily he's one of the most offensively gifted players in the world and he does. Filppula has inside position on his man, allowing him to tip the puck in front of the net to complete the execution of a beautiful give-and-go.

2nd Period:

Boston 1 Detroit 1; 4:05- Paille from Horton
Jimmy goes behind the net and tries to no-look pass it to Ericsson along the boards. The only problem? That giant yellow blob in the screenshot above that's waiting to intercept the puck halfway between Howard and Ericsson. Fergodsakes Jimmy, Y U NO LOOK!?
A simple pass outfront, a backhand shot, and a goal. There's nothing anyone can do about this. Jimmy tries to recover but can't.

Boston 1 Detroit 2; 4:40- Datsyuk (6) from Bertuzzi (3) & Franzen (12)
Bertuzzi has the puck and decides to pass as soon as he sees two things; two Boston defenders have committed to him, and Datsyuk is in behind their coverage. Bert passes through Chara's legs and Pavel cuts to the slot.
I think this screen cap explains a lot about the goal. In this split second, Datsyuk has the puck on his backhand and Rask has to counter by clinging to the nearside post so that Datsyuk doesn't flip one over him. Staying on the post means that Rask is a fraction of a second behind Datsyuk when Pav makes his move through the crease to the far side.
The aforementioned move. Datsyuk tucks it under Rask and the Wings take the lead.

3rd Period:

Boston 2 Detroit 2; 7:52- Bergeron unassisted
The Wings try to start a breakout here. Kronwall passes to Zetterberg in the right faceoff circle, but Z loses control.
Now Howard has to try and stop a quick shot off a turnover directly in front of him. There's virtually no shot at saving this, and the game is now tied due to the worst type of turnover; in your zone and in front of your own net.




No screencaps, just a link to a Youtube video of the goal
Bert said after the game that he didn't mean to use the move he did, but instead hit a rut in the ice and had to improvise. Seriously? When I fuck stuff up at work I worry about getting fired, or at the very least losing the confidence of my co-workers. When Todd Bertuzzi fucks stuff up at work he scores. #TuzziSwag

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