Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Regular Season Game 22: Pretty Filppin' Good

1st Period:

Detroit 1 Nashville 0; 13:23- PPG Filppula (6) from Bertuzzi (4) & Zetterberg (8)
The Wings win the offensive zone faceoff and hold the puck in at the point. Nashville is set up in a 1-2-1 penalty kill formation. Filppula has two options; he can pass down low to Zetterberg or cross ice to Hudler. Fil chooses option 1 and then cuts through the slot to the left faceoff circle.
Nashville's 1-2-1 backfires when the puck is moved down low. The defender has to move out to play Zetterberg, leaving Bertuzzi momentarily uncovered in front of the net. Z passes in front, and Bertuzzi picks it up and shoots.
They say that a picture's worth a thousand words. Look up. Yep, that happened. Bertuzzi's shot hits the farside post and bounces to the side, where Filppula turns on it and has a wide open shot. Rinne's still laying on the ice and looks like a special needs penguin, which means he has no shot at stopping this.

2nd Period:

Detroit 2 Nashville 0; 1:31- Zetterberg (5) from Hudler (9) & Filppula (12)
That guy in the yellow circle is falling. That's cool, because it opens up the back of the net as a passing lane. After yellow circle guy hits the ice Hudler spins off of him and passes to Zetterberg.
For a second it looks like Zetterberg has a chance at a wraparound because the defender gave chase behind the net, leaving Z a step ahead of the defense. Rinne locks down the post, and Zetterberg wisely decides to hold the puck.
Zetterberg takes a few strides away from the goal and turns with the puck. The defender drops to a knee to...I don't know. There's no passing lane there, and he puts himself in a poor position to block the shot. Not sure what's going on there. The same can be said for Rinne. Zetterberg has the entirety of the top half of the net as a target. Ladies and gentlemen, Pekka Rinne, special needs penguin extraordinaire.

Detroit 3 Nashville 0; 8:34- Filppula (7) from Hudler (10) & Kindl (4)
Detroit's entering the offensive zone against a pretty solid Nashville defense. The Predators have a wall established between the net and the blueline, forcing the Wings to the outside (for now). The circled Nashville player has to cover Hudler and is trying to tell his teammates to watch Kindl pinching down, but as the play develops no one picks him up. The Wings player circled above is the puck carrier.
Zetterberg sees a huge passing lane through the middle of the coverage and takes it. Kindl retreats towards the blue line to gather the pass. There's a big enough gap between Kindl and his defender that there's time for Kindl to stickhandle before deciding what to do with the puck.
Kindl gather and snaps a shot towards the net. First Hudler deflects it, then Filppula deflects it, then the puck  gets past Rinne. This goal takes the cake for "most arrows on a single screenshot" so far this season.

3rd Period:

Detroit 4 Nashville 0; 4:03- Cleary (4) from Helm (2)
Nashville is attempting to start a breakout behind their own net. Weber passes to the side boards, where Helm steals the puck. Helm turns with it and skates through the middle of the ice.
Helm reads the defense well. He sees that both defenders are keying on him; the D-man closest to Cleary is actually square to Helm (see yellow line above). Helm makes a quick pass, and Cleary already has his stick back in order to one-time it. Rinne can't slide across the crease fast enough to stop the puck, and Cleary scores.

Detroit 4 Nashville 1; 5:34- Hillen from Wilson & Erat
Helm blows the coverage here. There's not much to this goal beyond that. The pass comes in from the side boards and is tipped in front. Helm turns with the pass and extends his stick but that doesn't do anything to stop the shot. I'd be more thorough here, but there's really nothing else to say. First one screencap goal of the season? Check.

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