Thursday, December 8, 2011

Regular Season Game 23: Detroit Red Wings vs. Tampa Bay Fightin' Yzermans

1st Period:

Detroit 1 TB 0; 4:58- Datsyuk (7) from Bertuzzi (5) & Franzen (13)
Ian White holds the puck in along the boards and passes to the middle for a cutting Datsyuk. Pavel has some room to work but the pass is behind him.
A Tampa defender poke checks the puck away from Datsyuk, but Franzen is in the vicinity and picks it up. The Mule puts a shot on net that Roloson kicks to his right.
Bertuzzi is in the right place at the right time and taps the puck out into the slot. Datsyuk is there and now has essentially a one-on-one with Roloson. The three low Tampa defenders are bunched up to Roloson's left and can't react in time. Pavel is Pavel for a reason; he doesn't miss one-on-one. He picks high glove side and beats Roloson.

Detroit 2 TB 0; 11:04- Ericsson (1) from Filppula (13)
Filppula carries the puck into the zone and circles behind the net. There's no net front option available; Tampa's done a good job of taking that away. Fil sees Zetterberg cutting through the slot and passes to him, though this isn't the best read. The Tampa defender gets his stick in the passing lane and deflects the puck.
And thus is occurs. The most reviled and criticized Wing has the puck fall onto his stick, nothing between him and the net but open ice and a partially screened goalie that's leaving half of the net exposed (see blue box above). Stamkos has a split-second shot at poking it away from Ericsson but his momentum and is taking him up ice while Big E is headed down ice. Ericsson shoots from the high slot and nets his first of the year.

2nd Period:

Detroit 2 TB 1; 9:35- St. Louis from Purcell & Bergeron
The Wings almost clear the puck from the zone, but Hedman chops at it and holds in the zone. Lidstrom moves to the side boards to try and stop the puck from getting down low, but he can't corral it. This leaves him behind the play and slow to cover the Lightning player in the corner.
St. Louis is skating into the slot with room because Miller hesitated. The hesitation on Miller's part gives St. Louis enough separation to shoot without having to worry about his shot being altered or taken away. At the beginning of the play Howard is hugging the post and looking at Purcell in the left corner, and this makes it difficult for Jimmy to get square to the shooter.

Detroit 2 TB 2; 19:46- Stamkos from Gilroy & Lecavalier
Lecavalier drops the puck for Stamkos and heads for the front of the net. Stamkos see the Wings defense start to overload his side and passes across to the opposite side point.
Gilroy steps in from the point and sees that Stamkos has slipped past the Detroit defense. Kronwall has to tie up Lecavalier in front of the net, and Bertuzzi is too high to defend Stamkos. He passes and Stamkos one-times it past Howard right before the period ends.

3rd Period:

Detroit 3 TB 2; 4:22- PPG Holmstrom (4) from Lidstrom (11) & Datsyuk (14)
This screencap is taken 5 seconds into a Detroit powerplay. The Wings and Lightning have both just gotten themselves established after the faceoff. There are two things to note here. First, look at the positioning of Tampa's defense. Draw a line through the middle of the zone and the Lightning fall entirely on one side of it. These leads to the second item; Lidstrom and Holmstrom are outside the Lightning's coverage and, with good puck movement, either could easily create a scoring chance.
Datsyuk and Frazen quickly pass back and forth, keeping the three defenders near the faceoff circle frozen. The third pass in the sequence is a cross-ice feed for Lidstrom.
Lidstrom one times a pass to Holmstrom. Holmstrom is behind the coverage and tips the puck past Roloson to put Detroit ahead.

Detroit 4 TB 2; 13:14- Helm (3) from Kindl (5) & Ericsson (3)
Kindl carries the puck through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone. He has Helm immediately to his right and Bertuzzi hanging out near the blue line. Kindl see that Helm's defender is giving him space and passes over to him.
Helm gets a shot off in front of his defender and simply beats Roloson. This one' the nail in the coffin, as the Wings hold serve the rest of the way for the win.

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