Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GBGA Regular Season Game 32: Tear Down This (Bulin) Wall

Bulin Wall Fall Down

1st Period

Edmonton 0 Detroit 1; 4:33- Cleary (8) from Kindl (7)
Helm takes a shot from the goal mouth and the rebound ends up in front. An Edmonton player instinctively clears it to towards the boards. Not a bad play altogether, as the Oiler puts the puck where it's supposed to be.
Kindl wins the race to the loose puck and chips a backhander towards the net as he sees pressure coming from two directions. Cleary (circled above) is in front of the net and has position on his defender. He tips the puck, redirecting it past Khabibulin. 

2nd Period

Edmonton 1 Detroit 1; 2:37- Jones from Gagner & Belanger
It looks like Helm has possession for a second, but the puck is chopped at and knocked loose. Edmonton picks up and moves towards the blue line. Kindl is the only man back and has to watch for the  stretch pass.
Kindl loses a step on his man and allows enough space for a pass to get through. Jones gains control on the wing and cuts towards the middle.
Kindl never provides much of a hindrance to Jones. His inability to cover means that Jimmy has to play this one as a breakaway, and it's not much of a surprise that Jones is able to slip one under him.

Edmonton 1 Detroit 2; 14:36- Hudler (7) from Zetterberg (15) & Filppula (16)
Ian White does a nice job of holding the puck in along the boards on the right side. He rims the puck around and Filppula picks it up on the other side. Fil has a passing lane to the slot if he passes off his backhand.
Sometime around now Zetterberg is taking the pass from Filppula and shooting. I wouldn't know that, as the one screencapable replay I have shows this. Nice camera angle, bad timing.
Hudler tips the puck in. Again, can't see it in the replay but it looks like he pays for the goal. Either that or this is just a really bizarre celebration.

Edmonton 2 Detroit 2; 19:59- PPG Eberle from Nugent-Hopkins & Hall
Ah yes, the play everyone's talking about today. The puck came out of the zone here. This isn't the best replay angle, but it happened. It is what it is and this is something the linesmen get right 99% of the time. Unfortunate that the Oilers score shortly after one of the few times it's missed, but that's ok.
A puck that is oh-so-close to being cleared rolls towards the top corner of the zone, near the blue line. Zetterberg and Datsyuk are covering the top portion of the PK box, and for some reason they both go into the top corner to chase. This leaves a huge coverage gap on the left side of the ice. The Oilers get the puck and move it to Nugent-Hopkins on the previously mentioned wide open left side. He puts a slapshot on net that's stopped, but a rebound comes out to the slot.
Eberle is right there and snipes it past Howard for the tying goal. Eberle had slipped between coverage zones and wasn't picked up, but the bigger mistake is still Datsyuk going to the wrong side of the ice at the beginning of the sequence.

3rd Period

Edmonton 2 Detroit 3; 15:45- Miller (6) from Lidstrom (15) & Helm (7)
Helm almost gets knocked off the puck behind the net but manages to maintain control and continue moving up the boards. He sees a huge passing lane and moves the puck to Lidstrom at the opposite point.
Lidstrom's blast is tipped by Miller in the slot. The Edmonton coverage isn't terrible here, but Miller's defender is playing just far enough off to allow Miller room to operate. Another contributing factor to this goal is the work being done in front, particularly that of Dan Cleary. The extra screening helps ensure that Khabibulin has no chance of stopping the redirect.

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