Sunday, December 11, 2011

Regular Season Game 26: Ken Hitchcock. That is all.


1st Period


2nd Period

St. Louis 0 Detroit 1; 7:42- PPG Franzen (13) from Hudler (11) & Howard (1)
Franzen carries the puck low into the zone. He sees how far the defender has stepped up on him, slows, and decides to continue carrying towards the back of the net. His only other option here would be to throw it behind the net, but there's enough of a chance for him to cut into the crease that this would be a less effective decision. MULE HUNGRY.
The Mule moves around his defender, cuts into the crease, and lifts it over Elliot. MULE SATIATED.

St. Louis 1 Detroit 1; 9:20- PPG Steen from Arnott
The Wings lose the faceoff and the puck goes directly to Steen. He has the puck before any other player can get more than a step away from their faceoff position.
Helm tries to get across to block the shot, but he's a half second too late. Steen already has the shot off, and somehow it gets past Howard.

3rd Period

St. Louis 2 Detroit 1; 00:45- Backes from Oshie & Arnott
Detroit goes on the penalty kill early in the third period. They set up in a basic box formation with Stuart and Ericsson down low. As the Blues puckcarrier moves along the side boards, Stuart comes way out to play him. Stuart should be somewhere near the middle of the faceoff circle, not up on the boards.
Stuart jumping ship means Ericsson has to change his coverage. The Blues have moved the puck into the corner, and Ericsson is responsible for both the puckcarrier and the man behind him. He simultaneously has to stop the pass from the corner and shut down the back door cut. You can't expect him to do everything (despite his salary). Backes gets around Ericsson and jams the pass in.

St. Louis 3 Detroit 1; 2:38- Berglund from Stewart & Perron
St. Louis carries through the neutral zone one what looks like a 2-on-2 rush. Ericsson should step to his right to cover and Emmerton will cover the man to his left. Right? Right?
Wrong. Ericsson makes sure the middle is double covered (ugh) and leaves Berglund wide open. Berglund winds up and rips one past Howard.

St. Louis 3 Detroit 2; 18:40- PPG Hudler (3) from Cleary (4) & Kronwall (5)
The Wings pressure with about a minute and a half left in the game. Detroit's on the powerplay and looking to get established in the offensive zone. Hudler carries in and passes to Cleary on the wing. Hudler moves towards the corner, pulling one of the low defenders with him and thus opening up some room in the middle of the ice. Due to the angle of attack from the St. Louis defender, Cleary is able to skate around him and cut towards the middle.

Cleary cutting to the middle creates big problems for the Blues defenders. The low corner defender has to leave Hudler to step towards Cleary. He doesn't do anything to alter the shot, and Bear has a clear one on net. Hudler is all alone at the goal mouth to tip it in.

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