Wednesday, December 28, 2011

GBGA Regular Season Game 36: Leapfrog

Hasek Lite. I know the picture isn't from last night, but it's referencing this.

1st Period

Detroit 0 St Louis 1; 6:51- D'Agostini from Shattenkirk & Arnott
St. Louis moves the puck well on the power play. They get in to an umbrella formation, and the Wings are essentially giving up the shot from the point because of the depth of their defenders. They're choosing to collapse here. Shattenkirk gets the puck at the point and rifles a shot between defenders towards the front of the net.
D'Agostini gets into screening position in front of Howard and isn't moved by Ian White. At the onset of the shot, White is acting more like a screener himself as he's standing in front of Howard and D'Agostini, obstructing Howard's view of the puck. He's not in position and isn't covering his netfront man. This leads to rebound and tip-in opportunities, and in this instance the tip-in costs the Wings.

2nd Period

Detroit 0 St Louis 2; 13:08- PPG Steen from Arnott & Shattenkirk
The Blues have a 4-on-3 advantage that's 20 seconds away from expiring. Howard squares well to a slapshot from Arnott, and it looks like he has it in his pads. Stuart and Lidstrom both follow through and tie up the two Blues players in front of the net.
The puck inexplicably trickles through Howard's pads and towards the goal line. Steen is tied up by Lidstrom, but not quite enough to stop him from sweeping the loose puck in. Talk about puck luck. There's not much Lidstrom can do that wouldn't be a penalty, but tying up Steen's stick would have been nice. This is just a bad luck goal that the Wings can't do much about.

Detroit 1 St Louis 2; 18:57- PPG Lidstrom (8) from Datsyuk (26) & White (13)
Franzen alludes pressure behind the net to move the puck up to Datsyuk along the side boards. Datsyuk passes to Lidstrom, who passes to Ian White. White's shot from the point is wide and rolls around the boards. Nick Lidstrom is at the opposite point to hold it in.
Lids wastes no time, one timing the puck as soon as it reaches him.
The fans at the Joe know it's in. The ref knows it's in. Brian Elliot, however, does not. He never sees the puck go past him.

3rd Period

Detroit 2 St Louis 2; 11:19- Datsyuk (12) from White (14) & Bertuzzi (12)
Lidstrom uses a nice spin move and backhanded pass to beat the forechecking pressure of St. Louis. TPH's pass it to Datsyuk, who carries into the neutral zone.
Datsyuk slides the puck across the blue line for Bertuzzi as he sees the defense collapse on him. Bert taps the puck towards White, who is gaining the zone with speed.
White puts a shot through traffic as the defense shifts towards him. The shot is perfectly placed for Datsyuk, who has cut through the middle of the defense and is now being defended by the low d-man, to tip it in. He gets his stick on it and redirects it past Elliot.

Detroit 3 St Louis 2; 12:15- Kronwall (8) from Filppula (17) & Zetterberg (17)
Filppula does the dirty work in the corner to dig the puck out, simultaneously freezing three St. Louis defenders along the boards. He somehow gets a pass up the boards to Kronwall at the point.
Kronwall sidesteps into a wide open shooting lane. The best efforts of the nearest STL defender aren't enough, as Kronner easily gets his shot through. Elliot can't track it (perhaps in part due to Hudler screening in front) and less than a minute after the Wing's second goal they take the lead for good.

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