Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hypothetical Wings Alumni Game Roster- Updated and Revised

I refuse to contemplate adding him to this roster

[Ed. Note: A large portion of this was taken from my January 21st post on the same topic. I've since updated a good deal of the post, and thought it warranted re-posting]

So it's finally confirmed. The headline event of the Hockeytown Winter Fest will be the alumni game between the Wings and the Leafs on New Year's Eve at Comerica Park. With the details finally having been officially unveiled, the next step is to determine who will suit up for each team. I'll let Toronto bloggers take care of their team, while I have some suggestions for the Wings roster below.

The roster was created using the current Wings alumni team as a base, then adding players that I thought still had a reasonable chance of being able to skate. I'd love to see Mr. Hockey and Terrible Ted suit up for just one shift, but is that truly reasonable? Maybe. According to recent tweets from former Wings beat writer (and current Yahoo! sports NHL writer) Nick Cotsonika, Mark Howe mentioned after the alumni game in Philly that Mr. Hockey would like to take an alumni game shift himself. Cotsonika also tweeted that  Ted Lindsay looked great and would probably play in the alumni game.

The biggest news regarding alumni rosters today was the Detroit News article that reported that Steve Yzerman doesn't expect to play for the Detroit alums. I have a hard time believing this. Let's read between the lines here.
"At this time I don't plan on participating in the alumni game but hope to watch the (Winter) Classic on TV."
"At this time..." leaves a lot of wiggle room for a change of heart in the future. Kris Draper is trying to convince Yzerman to play, and undoubtedly dozens of other former Wings will do so over the coming months. While I understand that Stevie Y hasn't skated since he retired, I'd be perfectly fine with him taking just one shift. The point of the alumni game is the history of the franchise, the history behind the infamous winged wheel. Seeing Yzerman in a Detroit sweater one more time is a nod to that history, and him playing in the game is more about this than any contribution in terms of goals or assists.






Also, pencil S. Kozlov in somewhere






And yes, you can expect Hasek to talk to Ken Holland about a PTO for the 2013-14 season if he plays well in his one period between the pipes. Just kidding. Except not really.

Love it? Hate it? I'd love to hear what other people are thinking. Let me know on Twitter (@TOGBlog1) on in the comments section below. 

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