Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Regular Season Game 51: Vitamin D

Thank Cory Emmerton if bottles of Vitamin D supplements show up in a bunch of stalls in the Wings' dressing room

1st Period

Calgary 0 Detroit 1; 5:57- Emmerton (5) from Abdelkader (8) & Mursak (2) 
Lidstrom ends up with the puck on his stick because Mursak won the race to a dumped puck in the corner. A perfect outlet pass from Lidstrom (at this point, do we expect anything else?) is right on the tape for Mursak, who has turned and is streaking up the right wing.
Mursak leaves the puck for Abdelkader near the blue line. The speed of Mursak causes the Calgary D to sink, which opens up space for Abdelkader to shoot. Abby's shot is stopped by Kiprusoff, but Kipper kicks a rebound out to his right.
Mursak is in perfect position to clean up the rebound and he doesn't miss a beat here. The shot beats Kiprusoff, who can't recover from the first shot in time to stop Emmerton.

2nd Period

Calgary 1 Detroit 1; 1:59- PPG Cammalleri from Tanguary & Jokinen
The Wings penalty kill breaks down in this frame. Cleary is supposed to have the low coverage here, but he steps out too far towards the blue line. Everything else is just an attempt to catch up from here.
Cleary comes off the boards to try and take away the shooting lane from Tanguay. He doesn't, and the shot gets on net. Jimmy stops it but gives up a rebound.
The PK box is moving around like crazy, and any time a box moves this much there's bound to be trouble. No one noticed Cammalleri sneak in back door, and he backhands the rebound over Howard to put the Flames on the board.

3rd Period

Calgary 1 Detroit 2; 11:29- Hudler (16) from Filppula (25) 
Filppula moves towards the middle of the ice, then pulls puck back. The defender loses an edge and falls over, and Flip takes advantage by driving around him to the outside. 
Flip carries behind the net and throws a shot in front. It hits the post and is deflected right to Jiri Hudler, who taps it in.

Calgary 1 Detroit 3; 15:58- Miller (8) from Cleary (12) & Helm (10) 
Helm carries in and sees the defense collapse near him. He passes to Cleary, who has drawn the attention of the one low defender. This allows Miller to skate down low without being covered.
Cleary patiently waits for the defenseman to commit to him before he backhands a pass through the slot to a wide open Drew Miller in front. Miller simply has to redirect it for the goal.

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