Monday, February 13, 2012

Trade Deadline Targets: Who to Add and Who's Just Bad- Selanne Pt 1

If celebrations are any indication, he'd fit in well with Detroit

So word on the street (or Twitter, whatever) is that there's a chance the Ducks move Teemu Selanne to a Cup contender so that he has a chance to go out on top at what is almost assuredly the end of an illustrious career. One team that consistently comes up in these talks is our beloved Winged Wheelers. Should Detroit think about adding the Finnish Flash? 

In this post we'll look at even strength numbers. Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll post a breakdown of Selanne's powerplay and penalty kill numbers. 

Let's start with the basics. Altogether, 18 goals and 31 assists for 51 points and a +5. 

Perhaps the biggest caveat to all the other stats we'll look at comes from Relative Corsi Quality of Competition. Selanne's is 0.619. Compare this to teammate Corey Perry's 1.016, and we see that Selanne is playing against slightly above average talent. 

With that in mind, let's look at Selanne's team scoring. He's been on the ice for 43 Goals For and 32 Goals Against at even strength. Taking that number, dividing by even strength minutes played, and multiplying by 60 gives an on-ice Goals For/60 min of 3.45. Similarly, if we take Selanne's Goals Against, divide it by the number of even strength minutes played and multiply by 60 we get an on-ice Goals Against/60 min of 2.57. Selanne's on-ice +/-/60 min shines when compared to his teammates. Selanne checks in at +0.88, while fellow right wingers Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry are -0.36 and -0.81, respectively. Put simply, Selanne helps the Ducks score when he's on the ice, while his teammates are giving up more goals than they're netting.

Moving to individual scoring, Selanne still posts great numbers. For every 60 minutes of even strength time, he's averaging 0.72 goals, 1.20 first assists, and 0.32 second assists for a total of 2.24 points. Compare this to reigning Hart Trophy winner Corey Perry's 1.29 points per 60 minutes of even strength time and you see that Selanne is still an impact player, albeit against relatively weaker competition. 

Selanne is a valuable player regardless of age, a winger with the ability to score but perhaps an even better playmaker. One look at his assists/60min provides support for his playmaking skills. These even strength numbers are truly impressive; consider that the highest Points/60 min (minimum 50 GP) is Jordan Eberle's 3.54, which was achieved against a lower Relative Corsi Quality of Competition (0.538). 

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