Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tape to Tape Pass: Post-Anaheim and Injury Updates

Welcome to the first of what should be an almost daily feature here at The Octopi Garden. The aim is to provide links to any interesting or relevant articles, hastily judged and comment on by yours truly. Hopefully this will provide some extra content between the statistical mumbojumbo and fancy schmancy pictures that I love to post so very much.

As for the post title, why call it Tape to Tape Pass? Because the goal is for the posts under this heading to be quick, efficient, and right on the money...just like a tape to tape pass. I'm embracing the corniness.

'Discouraged' Red Wings send Nicklas Lidstrom home; Joey MacDonald hurting per Free Press:

TPH got sent home because he isn't healing as quickly as the team had hoped. Ken Holland spoke for all Wings fans when he said that the situation had him "...discouraged and frustrated." Joey Mac is hurt as well, and Pearce will be called up in his absence.

I like George's take on the Lidstrom injury. Also linked to because of TMR's general awesomeness.

Griffiti magazine per Griffins official site:

I'll admit that I didn't know the Griffins published their own online magazine, but there are a couple of interesting articles in here about Brunnstrom and Minard

Great post-game recap by Graham. The first bullet point in the article sums up exactly how I felt yesterday.

Not related to the Anaheim game, but a great post by Petrella regardless. This situation could get very interesting over the next few weeks as the CCHA season wraps up.

2008 All Over Again? per Nightmare on Helm Street

Good article about the similarities between this year's squad the 2008 Stanley Cup champs, something I agree with and wrote about at the All Star break

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