Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tape to Tape Pass: Afternoon practice

First, a programming note. Goal by Goal Analysis is coming back for the playoffs. It's always been my plan to bring it back for something more meaningful, and the playoffs seemed like the right time. Also, I miss finding a picture and coming up with a painfully stupid caption to go with it.

The Wings headed to St. Louis earlier than they normally would thanks to the Tigers, who needed Red Bird III to get the team to Detroit for opening day on Thursday. This gave the Wings an opportunity to practice on St. Louis' ice this afternoon, and like the travel arrangements the practice was anything but routine. Drew Miller hit the boards hard and was slow to get up, while Ian White got clipped in the face by Pavel Datsyuk's stick. Need any more evidence that the injury bug is dying out? There it is. If this was February then Miller would have separated his shoulder and White would have fractured his orbital bone. I'm glad those days are behind us.

Eventful Red Wings practice: On planes, Blues, injuries, and Pavel Datsyuk's high stick via Free Press
Great quip from Datsyuk at the end of the article, lines for tomorrow's game, and a recap of the aforementioned practice activities

Found this site while reading Winging it in Motown this morning. Did you know it's been almost a month since someone's been Kronwalled? Yep, this site has a clock counting up since the last Kronwalling, along with video of all the previous times someone's been Kronwalled.

A side note, but worth mentioning none the less. If you're looking for line combinations from practice as soon as they're available, follow @freepwings and @AnsarKhanMLive. Then go over to @TOGBlog1 and follow me. Please and thank you. If you follow me I promise to stop retweeting stuff and start actually tweeting.

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