Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tape to Tape Pass: Working on the details

Friday's game was hard to stomach. The Wings seemed disjointed all game, unable to gain the middle of the ice in any zone and especially incapable of generating traffic in front of the net. Against a goaltender as big as Pekka Rinne, this was an easy recipe for unmitigated disaster and the game played out as such. Luckily, Mike Babcock saw the same things we saw and complacency has been thrown into the Detroit River with the playoffs approaching. Babs will be juggling the lines for today's tilt with the Panthers, moving the oft buzzed about (at least among the Wings faithful) Gustav Nyquist up to play with Datsyuk and the Mule. Will it work? With only four regular season games left, it better.

Operation Eaves: Showing a Downed Wing That we Care via Winging It In Motown
The boys over at WIIM are passing along messages to Patrick Eaves, who is struggling to recover from the concussion suffered after taking shot to the face in November. Head on over, leave a comment, and show him why Wings fans are the best in the league.

Mike Babcock looks for fix to spark Wings offense via Detroit News
Babcock pulls no punches in discussing his feelings about Friday's line combinations, and some discussion of working on small details prior to the playoffs

Stunned- Mike Babcock Relieved of Duties via Nightmare on Helm Street
Keep in mind what day it is

Red Wings-Predators quick take: Wings, you've got some serious-ass problems via The Malik Report
George captures the tenor of Friday's frustration very well. A great read.

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