Friday, April 6, 2012

Tape to Tape Pass: Playoff fate (or fatality) determined tomorrow

The Red Wings continued their gut-wrenching, stomach churning trend Thursday night, a trend in which they look alternately like world-beaters and beaten by the world. Last night's loss to the Devils took away the Wings' ability to grab fate by the reins, instead having to rely on either a win and a Nashville loss to clinch fourth or a loss and a Nashville win to fall to sixth and draw what might be an easier matchup than being the fifth seed and starting against the Predators on the road.

Red Wings head into season finale vs. Chicago with four potential first-round opponents via MLive
Khan (!) breaks down all the scenarios for the Winged Wheelers in a straightforward and easy to comprehend fashion.

Sports Club Stats - Red Wings playoff probabilities
Computer simulations run millions of times and predict different scenarios and percentage possibilities. Takes a few minutes to look it over and digest the information, but definitely worth the time.

Danny Cleary to miss Red Wings finale, will play Game 1 via Detroit Free Press
Surprised this hasn't happened sooner, as we all know he's been in constant pain for quite a while. The article describes how Cleary's role has been changing on the team of late and what's expected of him during the playoff run.

So Now What? Red Wing Playoff Scenarios via Winging It In Motown
An even more in-depth look at the Wings possible playoff matchups from the boys at WIIM

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