Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lids moves closer to 1000 pts.

Lids recorded the 998th point of his career tonight on a powerplay goal in the 2nd period tonight against the Blackhawks.

This is quite the achievement, but I was very surprised to see that Nick is somewhere around 8th all time. Bourque is first with over 1,500 points, which is majorly impressive. Any way you look at it, 1,000 is still quite the achievement.

The Wings won 3-2 tonight (not bad for my first prediction, eh?). Expect further analysis of the game later. One more thing of note: the return of the organ?! I guess they're going to use it for "special" games during the year. Very cool during the game, very weird during player intros. I thought it gave the player intros a kinda creepy Phantom of the Opera-ish vibe.

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