Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wings v. Canucks in review 10/27/09

Looks like those new lines worked out pretty well. The Wings offense showed up in spades on Tuesday, and the Wings managed to win their first road game of the year.

Vancouver goal (1-0) 00:30 in 1st period; Sedin from Samuelsson & Bieksa:
Osgood plays the puck behind the net and tries to clear it out of the zone. There are no Wings along the boards to pick up the puck, and it is instead intercepted by a Canucks player. He quickly passes to the right defenseman, who lays a shot on net from the blue line. The rebound bounces off of Osgood. Osgood curiously keys on Sedin to his left, and it looks like he watches him the whole time as he moves into the crease. Somehow, the puck also ends up in the middle of the crease. A Wing defender turns and tries to stab at the puck and get it out of the zone but is unable to. Sedin comes in with speed and backhands the puck past Osgood.

Vancouver goal (2-0) 7:05 in 1st period; Ehrhoff from Kesler & Bieksa:
This really was a routine play and I'd like to think 9 times out of 10 Osgood stops this. Three Canucks come into the offensive zone and there are three Red Wings there to check them. Ehrhoff unleashes a simple wrist shot from the left circle that beats Osgood.

*Osgood gets pulled at this point*

Detroit goal (2-1) 15:47 in 1st period; Holmstrom from Zetterberg & Datsyuk:
This goal exmplifies exactlly how good this line is. Holmstrom camps out in his signature spot in front of the net the whole time and does a great job screening the goalie. Zetterberg carries the puck up the right side wall. He's able to dump the puck to Datsyuk in the right circle. He then slips around behind the defense and makes his way to the left edge of the crease. Datsyuk gains the attention of four (!) Canucks players, and he uses some of his fany stick work to keep them focused on him. Once they commit, Dats passes the puck across the crease to an open Zetterberg. Z puts a snap shot on net, which is then banged home by Homer.

Detroit goal (2-2) 3:51 in 3rd period; Kronwall unassisted:
Zetterberg carries the puck into the zone and gets the puck knocked off his stick in the right circle. The puck shoots up towards the blue line, where Kronwall enters the zone at just the right time. He picks up the puck and carries it to the right circle, where he puts a high wrist shot on net. Holmstrom is screening Luongo in front of the net as per usual, and I think a large part of why this shot goes in is because Luongo can't track the puck.

Vancouver goal (3-2) 5:05 in 3rd period; PPG Schneider from Sedin & Bieksa:
Sedin has the puck on the right side. He waits until the Wings defense shifts towards the right, leaving Schneider wide open a little above the faceoff circle on the left side. He fires a nice cross ice pass and Schneider fires a hard slap shot past Jimmy Howard.

Detroit goal (3-3) 6:05 in 3rd period; Datsyuk from Williams & Ericsson:
Go to and watch the video. Seriously. Datsyuk carries the puck into the zone on the right side and unleashes a truly Datsyukian deke in the right faceoff circle. He freezes the defender, and shoots and scores while falling to his left.

Detroit goal (4-3) 9:31 in 3rd period; PPG Datsyuk from Rafalski & Holmstrom:
For the third time tonight, Homer's netfront position leads to a goal. I know people think he can't play 5-on-5 hockey anymore, but just look at how integral he is to creating better scoring chances. End rant. Luongo can't see the wrister Datsyuk fires from the left circle, and the Wings get the lead back.

Vancouver goal (4-4) 12:03 in 3rd period; PPG Sedin from Edler & Kesler:
Howard makes a couple good first stops, but the Wings never get to the puck to clear. The third shot in the sequence is a wrist shot from the top of the left circle that Howard turns aside to the right. A Canucks player is to the right on the red line. Howard sees him get the puck and dives towards it but the puck is already past him.

Detroit goal (5-4) 14:57 3rd period; PPG Williams from Filppula & Bertuzzi:
Bertuzzi passes the puck to Filppula to the left of Luongo down on the red line. Filppula threads a cross crease pass to Williams, who bangs it home. Luongo was unable to get back across the crease fast enough to recover. In large part this is because Flip was on the red line, which meant Luongo had the get tight against the post. This made it even hard for Luongo to slide across. Good positioning on the Wings part.

Nice to see the Wings fight through adversity to get a win on the road. I think things are starting to click, and hopefully the Wings can carry this into Edmonton tonight. This one has to be a confidence builder, and getting a win on the road is huge.

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