Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wings v. Coyotes in review 10/22/09

Yet another win that got away. We've already experienced way too many of these this year, but this one was more controversial than most. Should this have ever reached overtime? No way.

Phoenix goal (1-0) 16:30 1st period; PPG- Lombardi from Aucoin & Doan:
Good passing leads to a wide open slap shot from the blue line by Aucoin. The puck bounces up and off of Osgood in front of the net, where Lombardi gets his stick on it and knocks it into the net. A good goal all around, and Lombardi makes a good effort to keep his stick below the crossbar.

Detroit goal (1-1) 19:40 1st period; PPG- Holmstrom from Datsyuk & Zetterberg:
Zetterberg shoots from the top of the right circle, and Homer is in his signature place right in front of the goalie. He tips in the puck to tie the game.

Detroit goal (2-1) 7:45 2nd period; Lebda from Datsyuk & Zetterberg:
Hey hey defensive breakdowns! No one picks up the trailer (Lebda), who comes into the zone with speed. The defense is fixated on Datsyuk and Zetterberg, and they pay the price as Datsyuk sees the open man and fires a cross ice pass to a widdddddde open Lebs.

Phoenix goal (2-2) 17:20 3rd period; Prucha from Michalek & Hanzel:
Should this goal have been allowed? No. No no no no no. The Yotes throw the puck on net in what looks like a pretty routine play, and Osgood absorbs the puck with his body and holds on to it. He is then pushed into the net (goaltender interference? yeah, definition of) while Prucha whacks at Ozzie with his stick. The puck gets knocked out on Osgood's left side, and Prucha pushes the puck into the net PAST the goal line. This never should have been allowed.

Phoenix goal (3-2) 1:57 OT; Aucoin from Vandermeer & Fiddler:
Fiddler fires a pretty textbook cross ice lead pass that lands on the stick of Aucoin. Osgood can't recover in time and Aucoin backhands it in. I think. Honestly, the play happens quick enough (and my video is blurry enough) that I can't really tell if its a backhander or on his forehand. Doesn't really matter though, cuz it's a game winner.

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