Monday, October 19, 2009

Wings v. Avalanche in review 10/17/09

I apologize for missing the Wings/Avalanche preview. I have a lot of work right now and just didn't have time to get it done. Moving on, here's the in review for what should have been a victory for the Wings but, like far too many games already this year, was a loss. The Wings have shown a propensity for letting games slip away in spans of less than five minutes, and that continued again in this game.

Detroit goal (1-0) 3:25 in 1st period; Abdelkader & Helm:
Tremendous forechecking by Helm sets this one up. He takes away the puck and skates hard to the net, where a bunch of guys flop around, including the goaltender. This leaves the puck unattended and at the edge of the crease, and Abdelkader wastes no time in flipping it over the goalie for his first regular season goal.

Detroit PPG goal (2-0) 1:14 in 2nd period; Bertuzzi from Zetterberg & Cleary:
A pretty pass from Cleary results in a shot from Zetterberg off to the goalie's left. Bertuzzi is in front of the net in good position for the tip, and he banks it home.

Colorado goal (2-1) 9:06 in 3rd period; McLeod from O'Reilly:
A turnover along the boards by Abdelkader leads to a 2 on 1, and Lebda doesn't have much of a chance to make a play here. Not the kind of goal you want to give up at this point in the game.

Colorado goal (2-2) 11:45 in 3rd; Duchene from Clark:
Wow. Now this one was impressive. Duchene picks up the puck at the Avs blue line, carries it across center, and shoots under the glove and the right side of the leg of the defenseman. He beats Osgood stick side.

Detroit goal (3-2) 13:37 in 3rd period; Filppula from Williams & Leino:
Williams and Leino had a nice give and go on a 2 on 1, but the shot from Leino was stopped. The goalie was on his belly and the puck was directly in front of him. Filppula came in with speed from the right side and put it in the net.

Colorado goal (3-3) 17:28 in 3rd period; McLeod from O'Reilly & Galiardi:
The Wings get caught on a line change at the wrong time. This leads to a 2 on 1, and the Wings defender commits to the wrong guy. Ozzie scrambles to get the other side of the crease, but the one time gets past him to tie the game.

Shoot out:
Det- Williams goal 1-0
Col- Svatos goal 1-1
Det- Zetterberg stopped 1-1
Col- Hejduk goal 2-1
Det- Leino stopped 2-1

This one hurts. Unfortunately, that pharse is starting to lose its effect because I've had to use it so often this season. This was way closer than it should have been. The Wings need to string together a full 60 minutes because there are four games already this year that they could have won if not for lapses of a few minutes that buried them. This team is obviously better than its record, and they need to make up ground immediately or risk falling into a far larger hole than necessary.

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