Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Detroit Red Wings v. Buffalo Sabres 10/13/09

Wings offense v. Sabres defense:
This one should go in the Wings favor. The Sabres have done a good job of limiting shots allowed (22 per game) but they haven't faced an offense as good as the Wings' yet this year. There are good players on Buffalo's D but no real studs so I wouldn't be surprised if the Wings are able to get over 30 shots on goal tonight.
Sabres offense v. Wings defense:
The Sabres have talented forwards in Vanek and Roy, but their offense this year has been anemic. They are averaging just 1.33 goals per game despite throwing an average of 38.7 shots on net per game. I think the Wings defense will shut Buffalo down, and I'd expect them to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 shots on net. I'm a little nervous because a team that's been so constrained for so long seems due for a breakout, but that shouldn't happen tonight. I fully expect the Wings to keep the Sabres in check as long as they can stay out of the penalty box. The Wing's penalty kill needs to find its legs, and I think the only way the Wings lose is by giving Buffalo PP chances.
Wings goaltending:
Not much to say here. Ozzie looks to be in good form, and I think the Wings defense is fully capable of helping him out. If they don't and he ends up facing a tremendous amount of shots, then this is anyone's game.
Sabres goaltending:
The only reason the Sabres have any wins this year is Ryan Miller. He's been outstanding thus far, with a microscopic 0.97 GAA and a nearly 98% save percentage. I think the Wings will be able to get a lot of shots on him, but I think he'll keep Buffalo in the game. The Wings better hope they can keep Buffalo as offensively limited as they have been all year because there's no reason to believe Miller won't continue his phenomenal play.
Hey, look! An opportunity for me to lose credibility! (aka my score prediction):
Wings 2 - Sabres 1

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