Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GBGA Regular Season Game 42: Lonely Island

Wait, I thought Lonely Island was some kind of reference to Nassau Coliseum

1st Period

NYI 1 Detroit 0; 19:07- PPG Moulson from Parenteau & Streit
The Wings are set up in a passive 1-2-1 on the PK. The Islanders have been able to move the puck all over on the PP and work the puck in low. Kronwall is the low defender and he decides to step up in the middle to take away Parenteau's pass to the slot. Parenteau instead passes to Moulson, who is uncovered and has lots of time to shoot.
Moulson puts one on net (or is it near net?) that looks like it's actually supposed to be a pass through the crease.
Unfortunately Drew Miller's skate has other plans. Moulson's pass hits Miller as he backs in and is redirected past Conklin, who had an otherwise solid period.

2nd Period

NYI 2 Detroit 0; 7:31- Tavares from Okposo
Franzen turns the puck over in the Wings' zone and the Islanders start a breakout the other way. As they carry in coverages start to develop for the Wings. Lidstrom has to take the left winger, White the right winger, and Franzen the middle of the ice. This leaves a trailing John Tavares as a coverage issue.
Okposo drops the puck for Tavares on the right wing side. Franzen doesn't turn fast enough and Zetterberg ends up picking up his man in the high slot. This leaves Franzen covering no one and Hudler trying to catch up to Tavares. Either Hudler needs to jump in earlier or The Mule has to make and effort to swing through the zone faster. This lapse gives Tavares the time and space to rip one high over Conklin.

NYI 3 Detroit 0; 11:10- Okposo from Tavares & Moulson
Stuart tries to play a puck near center and it bounces past him. This creates an Islanders rush. Stuart tries to get back into the play but loses his balance and stumbles. Kindl has to read a developing 2-on-1 now.
Kindl can't stop the feed from Tavares to Okposo. Conklin was shaded right in case Tavares decided to shoot, and Okposo's quick release from the slot beats him.

NYI 4 Detroit 0; 18:32- Grabner from Martin & Streit
The Wings turn the puck over near the blue line off of a pass from Holmstrom intended for an unaware Cory Emmerton. New York picks it up and carries into the neutral zone when Martin realizes he has Grabner open and gaining speed through the zone.
Kronwall was covering the left wing, Ericsson was never able to get in the play, and Grabner is in all alone with momentum. That's a deadly combination. No one can do anything to change Grabner's shot and he buries it.

3rd Period

NYI 4 Detroit 1; 2:36- Abdelkader (5) from Kindl (8) & Holmstrom (10) 
What looks like a harmless play turns into trouble for the Islanders. Kindl has the puck at the point and decides to shoot into traffic instead of passing back to the boards. Abdelkader makes a move and gains the middle of the ice, while Holmstrom glides towards his oh-so-familiar spot in front of the netminder. The shot  from Kindl is deflected off of Abdelkader's stick blade. Nabokov has no chance at stopping it beacuse he is already double screened and can't track the puck.

NYI 5 Detroit 1; 13:57- Moulson from Streit & Tavares

Tavares picks up a loose puck behind the net and, seeing that the entirety of the Detroit defense has collapsed on net, moves the puck to the point. Streit takes a slapshot that is deflected by an uncovered Moulson in front of the net. Both Wings defensemen have moved out to cover the wingers, which leaves Moulson uncovered in front of Conklin and creates the opportunity that NY converts.

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