Sunday, January 15, 2012

GBGA Regular Season Game 44: Tuzzi Swag

The (un)official shirt of Twofer Todd

1st Period

Detroit 1 Chicago 0; 12:56- PPG Holmstrom (7) from White (17) & Datsyuk (32)
Detroit is pressuring on the powerplay. Chicago is in the box, and the Wings have moved two players into the middle. TPH and Holmstrom are both screening in front. The high defenders have to account for White at the point and Pavel in the faceoff circle.
White blasts a nice shot from the point into traffic. Seabrook turns to watch the shot instead of engaging Holmstrom, and Homer gets one of this trademark tip-ins.

Detroit 2 Chicago 0; 16:10- Bertuzzi (7) from Datsyuk (33) & White (18)
One of the Blackhawks pulls up immediately after entering the offensive zone and tries to hit Toews, who is streaking down the right wing, with a cross-ice pass. Datsyuk is in the middle of the ice and reads the pass perfectly, deftly swiping it before it reaches Toews.
Datsyuk sees Bertuzzi all alone up ice and hits him with a perfect pass. Bert picks it up around center ice and stays a step ahead of his defender the entire way. He goes forehand-backhand on Crawford, lifting the puck up shortside. There's nothing spectacular about Bertuzzi's move, but it captures the essence of who he is as a player well; gritty, tough to defend when playing intelligently, and effective.

2nd Period

Detroit 2 Chicago 1; 14:54- Shaw from Leddy
This is the second time in the game that the active boards at the Joe have effected Jimmy. The first was when a puck hit the boards and fluttered over Jimmy's stick, leaving to have to make an amazing toe save to avoid disaster. Here, Chicago dumps the puck in and Jimmy comes out from the net to slow the puck up for Stuart. The puck hits the boards and goes just barely behind the heel of Jimmy's stick, sliding over to the other side of the net.
Shaw is in the right place at the right time. All he has to do is tap the puck in to the wide open net.

3rd Period

Detroit 2 Chicago 2; 19:08- Toews from Hossa & Keith
Chicago has pulled Crawford and has an extra skater for a faceoff in the Detroit zone with under a minute to go in regulation. Toews wins the draw cleanly and moves the puck back to Keith at the point.
Keith passes across to Hossa, who takes just enough time to settle the puck before snapping one towards the net. The shot hits Lidstrom's right skate and is redirected. Howard has no chance at stopping this; the puck changes directions too drastically and too quickly to do anything about it.


Detroit 3 Chicago 2; 4:21- Bertuzzi (8) from Filppula (22) & Lidstrom (16)
The Wings are cycling the puck low in the zone. Bertuzzi sees an open Filppula behind the net and passes to him. This draws the attention of Chicago's defenders down low, allowing Bert to back out towards the blue line and gain the middle of the ice undefended.
Filppula shoots and Crawford lets a huge rebound out into the slot. Again, all of Chicago's defenders are looking down ice and unaware of Bertuzzi's position in the high slot.
Bertuzzi lifts the shot in for the OT winner. Crawford had to hug the right post to defend the Filppula shot, which creates trouble for him on Bertuzzi's shot. He can't move laterally across before the shot is already behind him.

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