Sunday, January 22, 2012

GBGA Regular Season Game 48: Sweet 16

Dancing in goalie equipment. Not as easy as it looks.
image via Detroit News
1st Period

Detroit 0 Columbus 1; 8:51- Russell from Dorsett & Johnson
Franzen has the puck at center and sense pressure from the in front and behind him. He attempts to hit Datsyuk near the boards, but the Pavel skates past the puck. The puck hits the boards and bounces towards the Columbus zone.
Johnson picks up the loose puck and passes past Datsyuk to Dorsett.
Dorsett gets a shot off through Kronwall and Jimmy allows a rebound to his left. Commodore is in the vicinity and should be able to clear the puck.
Russell gets to the puck first and hacks at it. It gets past Howard and puts Columbus on the board early. Commodore tries to clear the puck but Russell gets to it first. I don't blame Commodore for this. He reacted quickly and appropriately, but Russell just flat out won the race to the loose puck.

Detroit 1 Columbus 1; 11:34- Kronwall (10) from Filppula (24) & Hudler (17)
Kronwall tries to hold the puck in at the blue line but can't. It slides past him into the neutral zone and Kronner has to circle back to pick it up.
Kronwall moves the puck up to Hudler, who passes it to Filppula in the middle lane at center ice. Kronwall sees that the Jackets are in the midst of a change and jumps up to join the rush. Filppula passes it to him as the Wings enter the offensive zone.
Kronwall gets pushed near the top of the zone but maintains puck possession. He rifles a shot from the high slot as the defense starts to collapse on him. Sanford simply can't stop the shot and the Wings tie the game.

2nd Period

Detroit 1 Columbus 2; 8:43- Nikitin (2) from Vermette (13)
Vermette wins the draw and shovels the puck back to the point for Nikitin.
Nikitin shoots and, according to the FSD broadcast, the puck may have hit Pavel's skate. The shot changes direction and Howard understandably can't stop it. The Blue Jackets have puck luck on their side here, and the worst team in the league is threatening the Wings' record home winning streak.

Detroit 2 Columbus 2; 11:03- Lidstrom (10) from Kronwall (11)
The Jackets are on the penalty kill and have a chance to clear. They try lobbing the puck out from the slot, but TPH is at the blueline to stop it. He knocks the puck down and passes to Kronwall at the opposite point.
Kronwall decides to pass back to Lidstrom. 3/4 of Columbus' defenders have collapsed on the net, and the one high defender has moved to Kronwall's side of the ice. This leaves TPH with plenty of time and space to pull the trigger.
Lidstrom's shot finds the back of the net in large part thanks to the tireless screening efforts of Tomas Holmstrom. The Wings anemic powerplay finally delivers, as they should against a weak Columbus team.

3rd Period





Pavel DatsyukDETSave
Rick NashCBJMiss
Jiri HudlerDETSave
Derek DorsettCBJSave
Todd BertuzziDETMiss
Derick BrassardCBJSave
Valtteri FilppulaDETGoal
Ryan JohansenCBJSave

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