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GBGA Regular Season Game 45: City of Brotherly Love

Possibly the only point in the game where the Sabre's defense got between the Wings and Miller
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1st Period

Detroit 1 Buffalo 0; 5:20- Zetterberg (9) from Hudler (16)
Detroit dumps the puck in and Ryan Miller slows it down behind the net. Jordan Leopold takes it carries along the boards. Hudler is in on the forecheck and Leopold sees him coming. He attempts a saucer pass into the middle of the faceoff circle, but Hudler intercepts it. Zetterberg was behind the play but turns with Hudler as he gains possession.
Hudler taps the puck to a turning Zetterberg and Z then carries across the slot. Miller drops his right pad first, indicating which direction he's moving. This means that Z will have the farside if his aim is perfect. Z rips a shot under the outstretched stick of the defenseman and over the glove of Miller.

Detroit 2 Buffalo 0; 18:11- Franzen (11) from Datsyuk (34) & Bertuzzi (13)
Bertuzzi sees Datsyuk turn backwards to prepare for a pass and tries to hit him near the blue line. The pass is slightly off target and Pavel has to reach out and stop it with his skate. In one fell swoop he then lasers the puck off his backhand to a streaking Franzen on the right wing.
Franzen has a step on his defender the whole way. He makes a smart choice to shoot when he does, because if he skates in any more the d-man from the opposite side would be able to cover. Miller lets in something of a softie on a shot from the top of the faceoff circle.

Detroit 3 Buffalo 0; 19:43- Lidstrom (9) from Bertuzzi (14) & Datsyuk (35)
The Wings win a battle along the boards and maintain possession of the puck. Bertuzzi spins off a pick inadvertently set by the ref and is open for a pass from Datsyuk.
Buffalo's defense breaks down in trying to prepare for Bertuzzi's shot. The defender that should be covering Miller's right has to lock up Franzen in front of the net. The left defenseman charges Bertuzzi, as does the center. This leaves a lot of open real estate on Miller's right. Bertuzzi's shot is stopped and the rebound goes towards the right...
...to a wide open Nick Lidstrom. TPH doesn't waste opportunities like this, and he easily snaps one past a diving Miller. Yet another great read by Lidstrom, showing he knows when to pinch and when to stay back. No surprise there.

2nd Period

Detroit 4 Buffalo 0; 4:19- Bertuzzi (9) from Datsyuk (36)
Mike Weber picks the puck up in front of Ryan Miller and carries behind the net. Datsyuk is forechecking hard, and somehow Weber is unaware of the pressure. He tries to play the puck around the boards but Datsyuk is there to steal. Can we start the Selke chants now?
Datsyuk sees Bertuzzi move towards the middle of the net and hits him with a pass. Bertuzzi doesn't shoot right away, instead opting to hold the puck and he moves laterally across the crease. Miller has no choice but to drop to the ice as soon as Bert gets the puck, leaving him out of position by the time Bert reaches the right side of the crease. This positioning would be an issue if Miller wasn't so good with his stick. He poke checks the puck away from Bert.
Miller's great poke check is all for naught as Bert spins, regains possession, and backhands a shot over Miller. Truly a highlight reel goal from a guy who seems to be gaining a ton of momentum. #TuzziSwag indeed.

Detroit 5 Buffalo 0; 4:32- Helm (5) from Miller (8) & Cleary (11)
Cleary passes into the middle for Drew Miller, but Tyler Myers is able to get a stick on the puck. Miller eventually comes up with the puck as Myers skates into the zone in order to defend.
Miller is able to move around Myers to the outside because Myers loses him for a second while turning to backskate. Helm is well covered but moving into the zone with a ton of speed.
Miller places an absolute perfect pass on the stick of Darren Helm. The puck goes through Myer's legs and Helm taps it into the net.

3rd Period


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