Monday, November 16, 2009

Red Wings v. Blue Jackets in review 11/11/09

could say that this game looked like the Wings of old were back. I'm not going to, but I could. Honestly, I'm not one of the people who believes that the Wings have taken an insurmountable step backwards. I don't know whether you agree with me or not, but I think we all can agree that this was a fun game to watch.

Detroit goal (1-0) 1:05 in 1st period; Cleary from Zetterberg:

The play starts in back of the Columbus net, where Columbus digs the puck out and tries to clear from along the boards. The Blue Jacket with the puck attempts a lame duck pass to his man in the center, but he doesn't lead him at all. In fact, he passes is off the skate of his teammate, which is basically equivalent to the quarterback throwing behind his receiver in football. Z is there to grab the loose puck, and he pucks a shot on net from around the top of the left circle area. Mason lets go of a huge rebound, and Cleary is there to lift the puck ever so slightly over Mason's pad.

Detroit goal (2-0) 3:03 in 1st period; Datsyuk unassisted:

The play starts with something happening off camera, and I'm not even going to try and guess what happens. All that's important is that somehow the puck ends up going right to a wide open Pavel Datsyuk, who shoots from the top of the right circle and beats Mason gloveside

Detroit goal (3-0) 7:31 in 1st period; Draper from Lebda:

Eaves puts a good check on a Jackets player, and the guy has no choice but to throw the puck up the boards. There's no one there except Brett Lebda, who uncorks a slapshot from the blue line. Draper is in front of the net to tip the puck in, and the Wings score.

Detroit goal (4-0) 11:57 in 1st period; PPG Kronwall from Cleary:

Columbus has a chance to clear it out of the zone, but in what seems to be a recurring theme in this game Detroit gets the puck off a turnover and makes the Jackets pay. Cleary finds Kronner sliding to the center of the blue line, and Kronwall puts a quick slap shot on net for the goal.

Columbus goal (4-1) 10:56 in 2nd period; Nash from Umberger & Klesla:

One guy passes to another guy cross crease and the Blue Jackets score.

Detroit goal (5-1) 13:17 in 2nd period; Bertuzzi from Datsyuk & Holmstrom:

Dats passes to Bertuzzi, who is the trailer and entering the zone. The rest is just weird. I don't think I've ever laughed at a goal before, but I did here. Holmstrom steps aside because the Jackets defender is doing an excellent job of screening his own goaltender. Bertuzzi waits until Mason starts to fall over and just snaps the puck into the net. The ensuing goal celebration is probably the worst I've ever seen. Bertuzzi raises his arms after scoring, but no one comes over to congratulate him. Homer just stands at the side of the net and another Wings player glides around behind the net. Bert then does a half fist pump, though there's still no one around to congratulate him. Just laughable awkward.

Detroit goal (6-1) 13:50 in 2nd period; Leino from Zetterberg & Lidstrom:

I've heard that Leino is a natural scorer, but it's nice to have some hard evidence of that. This goal serves that purpose. This one's a beaut, gang (that's my Mickey Redmond impression. Nice, eh?). Leino takes the pass, kicks it up off his skate to his backhand. He then switches to his forehand and beats Mason in the top left corner, who's already butterflyed down.

Detroit goal (7-1) 4:59 in 3rd period; Kronwall from Rafalski & Bertuzzi:

Kronwall takes Rafalski's pass, steps up towards the faceoff circle, and puts a slapshot on net. It goes in. End of story.

Detroit goal (8-1) 8:08 in 3rd period; Abdelkader from Eaves:

This is a 2-on-1 situation, and Abdelkader has a lot of room because the d-man is shaded away from him. He waits for the defenseman to put his stick on the ice and committ to him, and the slight hesitation on Abdelkader's part throws Mason off. Abdelkader shoots and scores 5-hole.

Detroit goal (9-1) 18:36 in 3rd period; Abdelkader from May & Kronwall:

Abdelakder carries it in and passes to May. May waits for Abdelkader to get in front of the net and then passes. The puck bounces off a couple of skates before landing right in Abdelkader's wheelhouse, and he stuffs it in the net.

A number of players had their best game of the season so far, and the Wings looked like they're starting to click. Keep in mind that these Blue Jackets were, up until this game, 3 points ahead of the Wings in the division standings. Columbus is not the joke they used to be, but it was nice to see the Wings make short work of them in what is hopefully a confidence builder for a Detroit team that has already faced a lot of adversity this year.

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