Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wings v. Ducks in review 11/14/09

Any game against perennial annoyance Anaheim is fun to watch, but I couldn't help but notice a different feel to this game. Obviously, it's not the playoffs so some of the intensity and intrigue wasn't there, but at this point Anaheim's just not that good. Gone is the loathed Christ Pronger, and with that goes some of the rivalry's intensity. Any way you look at it, however, this was still a good win for the Wings, who still are 3 points behind division leading Chicago.

Detroit goal (1-0) 13:32 in 1st period; PPG Cleary from Kronwall & Bertuzzi:

Dan Cleary pulls a Holmstrom and camps out in front of the net. He's right in front to redirect the point shot, and does so to great reward.

Detroit goal (2-0) 19: 16 in 1st period; PPG Rafalski from Zetterberg:

Rafalski steps up towards the slot and puts a seemingly harmless slap shot on goal. This one's a little different in that it finds the back of the goal.

Anaheim goal (2-1) 8:12 in 2nd period; Perry from Getzlaf:

This goal is part good forechecking on Anaheim's part, and part poor passing by Ericsson

Anaheim goal (2-2) 3:47 in 3rd period; PPG Ryan from Getzlaf & Perry:

Ryan lingers behind the goal for a while, essentially placing himself behind the box D that the Wings are using. This leaves him unaccounted for. When Getzlaf makes his pass Kronwall turns to try and D up Ryan, but it's too little too late as the puck is already on his stick and in the net.

Detroit goal (3-2) 5:17 in 3rd period; PPG Datsyuk from Rafalski & Zetterberg:

Defensively, the Ducks are aligned in a triangle, with the fourth man playing 1-on-1 with Holmstrom in front of the net. Rafalski carries the puck laterally along the blue line, and spots an open Datsyuk to the right of the net. He puts a perfect pass on Dats' stick, and he really doesn't shot but instead tips the puck up and into the net.

Anaheim goal (3-3) 6:26 in 3rd period; Lupul from Getzlaf & Boynton:

A weak goal. Lupul digs the puck out of his skates off the pass from Getzlaf and just slaps one towards the net. Howard isn't ready and the Ducks score.

Detroit goal (4-3) 9:10 in 3rd period; Zetterberg from Cleary & Lidstrom:

Cleary avoids getting smashed into the boards and slips by the defender. He then makes a nice pass to Z, who puts a slap shot on net. The initial shot is stopped but Hiller gives up a rebound, and actually kicks the puck out farther into the slot when he sees the puck. He was trying to make sure it didn't trickle down his jersey and end up behind him, but that put the puck in perfect position for Zetterberg, who backhands it over Hiller

Anaheim goal (4-4) 14:27 in 3rd period; PPG Getzlaf from Selanne & Whitney:

The Ducks are on a 5-on-3 at this point in the game. The goal itself isn't too impressive. After a long period of puck movement, Getzlaf lets go of a slap shot that finds the top corner. Howard wasn't screen on the play, so not a great one to give up here.

Detroit goal (5-4) 15:29 in 3rd period; Zetterberg from Cleary & Ericsson:

Cleary carries the puck into the zone. He has Z on his right, and Cleary passes after he makes his move to the center of the ice. Z puts one on net from the middle of the face off circle and the Wings take the lead. This one had a healthy dose of puck luck on it, because in reality it shouldn't have gone in. It was a wobbler but it turned the tide for the Wings, so I'll take it.

Detroit goal (6-4) 17:45 in 3rd period; Helm from Eaves:

Helm carries the puck in all alone. He takes his shot from along the boards and hits the far side top corner. A beautiful goal, all in all. I have to agree with what I've heard, Helm really does look like the next Draper.

Detroit goal (7-4) 19:59 in 3rd period; EN Zetterberg from Kronwall:

An empty net hat trick finisher. Not bad, Mr. Z.

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