Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wings v. Sharks in review 11/5/09

A good confidence builder for the Wings. There really was nothing to dislike about this game. The Wings won a low scoring game, they looked solid, the big guns put on a great performance in the shoot out, and no one got hurt.

San Jose goal (1-0) 14:41 in 2nd period; Couture from Callahan & Thornton:
Callahan starts the rush and carries the puck straight down the ice from his zone to the Wings' zone. As he's entering the offensive zone Ericsson blows a tire (woo auto references) and falls down. Callahan passes to Couture on his right, who puts a snap shot on net. Osgood is square to the shooter, he just doesn't drop to the ice fast enough and gets beat five hole.

Detroit goal (1-1) 5:38 in 3rd period; Zetterberg from Lidstrom & Eaves:
Eaves carries the puck behind the net, and rather than try the wraparound he passes to Lids on the blueline. Lids unleashes a slap shot, which Nabokov kinda sorta tries to bury in his body. Zetterberg is floating through the crease and smells blood in the water (shark reference. Good, no?). The puck falls in front of Nabokov, and Zetterberg is there to tap it in.

This is what's supposed to happen when you have two of the most offensively talented forwards in the world.
Datsyuk goal: Dats plays stick-tac-toe beautifully. He then makes a move that looks like he's completely committed to going right, when he somehow pulls the puck left and almost literally tucks it in behind Nabokov.
Zetterberg goal: Zetterberg makes a similar move in going right to left, but he halts his momentum in front of the net to switch left. Really impressive.

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