Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wings v. Maple Leafs in review 11/7/09

A loss on many fronts. The Wings couldn't get anything going, and they lost Jason Williams to a broken leg. Yet another forward goes down, which brings the total to three.

Toronto goal (1-0) 10:34 in 1st period; Primeau from Orr & Finger:
Draper tries to make a play on the puck but falls, which leaves the Toronto player with a lot of space coming into the zone. The first time I saw this play I was more than willing to lay the blame on Osgood, but I see what he was trying to do here. Yes, he did get beat glove side and easily could have stopped the puck had he been 6 inches farther to his left. There was, however, another Toronto player in the crease, and Primeau easily could have passed to him. Had this happened, Ozzie would have needed to slide cross crease, which meant he couldn't commit too much to either side.

Toronto goal (2-0) 19:34 in 1st period; Kessel from Blake & White:
I love alternate camera angles. At first this looked like a simple shot from the blue line that got tipped in front and went through Osgood's legs. From the other camera angle, you can see that the puck actually hits something before its reaches Ozzie. The puck starts bouncing, and is tipped through Osgood's legs. Kessel is actually behind Ozzie and shovels the puck into the net.

Toronto goal (3-0) 5:21 in 2nd period; Finger from Stempniak & Stajan:
This one I don't have an excuse for. It's a 3-on-2, and Osgood gets beat glove side. He's square to the shooter and there's no angle on this one, so I guess Osgood just got beat.

Detroit goal (3-1) 5:59 in 3rd period; Cleary from Rafalski & Lidstrom:
A line change causes mass confusion/loss in personnel for the Leafs. Rafalski launches a beautiful saucer pass to Cleary, who's streaking down the middle of the ice (no pun intended). He makes a move and puts this one in the net for the lone Wings goal of the night.

Toronto goal (4-1) 9:22 in 3rd period; PPG Mitchell from Kessel & Beauchemin:
This one gets redirect in front of the net off a slapshot from Kessel. Not much Osgood can do about this one.

Toronto goal (5-1) 12:44 in 3rd period; Ponikarovski from Grabovski & White:
Osgood looked slow on this one. It was a backhaner, he wasn't screened, and he looked square to the shooter. Not a good one to let in.

Sigh. Just when I thought the Wings might have turned a corner they come out flat and lose yet another forward. This season is going to be a test, but I'm just hoping that the Wings are getting their injuries out of the way and that, come playoff time, everyone will be healthy.

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