Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wings v. Panthers in review 11/20/09

Detroit goal (1-0) 17:58 in 2nd period; PPG Datsyuk from Zetterberg & Rafalski:

Rafalski puts one on net that's stopped. The defenseman tries to clear the puck off the rebound but instead it's stolen off his stick by Rafalski, who does a great job of following his shot to the net. He takes the puck to corner and passes to Z a little further down the boards, closer to the back of the net. Datsyuk then makes his move to the goal, which is to his left. Hanks sees this and passes to Pav, who shots immediately. The first shot is stopped, but the netminder gives up a rebound. Pav turns and stretches as far as he can, just barely reaching the puck and nuding it in.

Florida goal (1-1) 8:13 in 3rd period; Weiss from Horton & Frolik:

I;m not sure, but I think Rafalski was out of position on this one. He's camped out in the middle of the crease, while the puck is behind the net. The Florida player carries the puck to the right of Osgood, but he's D'ed up the whole way. Rafalski still decides to play on the right side of the crease, which allows another Florida player to get open and wait on the left side of the crease for a pass. The pass comes, the guy's all alone, and Osgood can't recover cross crease fast enough to stop it. Florida goal. EDIT: upon further review, I guess the Wings defender was a step behind Horton, who was carrying the puck. Rafalski must have made a split second decision to try and defend the puck carrier, which unfortunately left a man open.

Florida goal (2-1) 00:40 in OT; McCabe from Weiss & Horton:

Kinda flukey, to be honest. The Panthers are able to cycle the puck, and McCabe is wide open. He lets go of a one timer that beats Ozzie, and that's the game. Osgood didn't have a whole lot of time to get square to the shooter, but he manages to do a fairly good job and this and he definitely sees who has the puck. I have a hard time believing that he wouldn't stop this 9 times out of 10. No such luck tonight though, as Florida takes this one.

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