Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wings v. Canadiens in review 11/21/09

The Wings won the game, but they lost Nicklas Kronwall to a knee injury. The only good thing about falling behind on these In Reviews is that I now know that Kronwall will be out 4-8 weeks (bad) but Laraque will be suspended 5 games for the hit (good). Also of note in this game was the Canadiens throwback unis. Honestly, not the best one they've got. The best part, though, has got to be the gloves. Seriously. Whoever decided to wear tan gloves that look like leather is a genius and should be promoted. I'd love to see the wings do that. How cool would it be to watch them channel Gordie Howe and wear tan gloves with jerseys featuring the retro crest, that weird scrunchy curvy winged wheel.

Detroit goal (1-0) 12:41 in 1st period; PPG Stuart from Cleary & Lebda:

Stuart shoots from the blue line, and the puck sails through traffic. It hits Carey Price but sorta bounces behind him. I dunno, it's hard to tell from the replay. The end result is the puck trickling past Price as he dives backwards to try and save it.

Detroit goal (2-0) 14:42 in 1st period; PPG Datsyuk from Rafalski & Lidstrom:

While cycling the puck, Lidstrom makes a nice fake slap shot from the blue line and puts a pass right on Rafi's stick, who shoots to the left of the goal. Datsyuk is right there to tip the puck in past Carey Price.

Montreal goal (2-1) 00:09 in 3rd period; Cammalleri from Kostitsyn & Spacek:

This is a bad one. Montreal makes a line change and four guys rush the zone. Most of the Wings have already gotten back and are in the defensive zone. They match up with guys, but somehow Cammalleri is unaccounted for. The sea of players parts, and it's Cammalleri in the center of the ice 1-on-1 with Howard. Cammalleri shoots from near the top of the faceoff circles and scores

Montreal goal (2-2) 8:45 in 3rd period; Cammalleri from Kostitsyn & Plekanec:

Lidstrom has the puck behind the back of his own net. He sees a Montreal player coming at him with speed, and makes the smart play to clear the puck away from the Canadiens player, which means he doesn't make the easy pass up the boards or to the other d-man in front of the net but instead shoots behind the net and lets the puck ricochet around the far boards. The problem with this is that no one's there-except a Montreal player. He gets the puck, passes to a teammate who has gotten deep into the zone, and that guy then fires a centering pass that is deflected into the goal

Datsyuk- G: Watching Pavel in a shootout is pure hockey gold. He does things I've never seen done before, things that seem like they should be physically impossible. How he can commit to the backhand and then switch to the forehand and not lose the puck is just amazing. That's exactly what happens here. It looks like Pav is going to go backhand, and gets Price to commit to that as well. He then pulls the puck across the crease and nestles it into the net.
Zetterberg- G: This seems like a read-and-react type of play, and if that's true then Z has some of the best hand-eye coordination in the world. Zetterberg hunkers down, making it look as if he's going to try and lift the puck high. The thing is, Price is leaving the 5 hole open so that he can move laterally if need be. Zetterberg sees this, and instead of trying to hit one of the corners he just shoots it 5 hole and scores. Game over.

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